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Need of Digital Marketing!

Day in and day out, as the method of doing business is changing, the way of marketing is also changing drastically. Digital marketing is broadening your reach and more create more engagement to your user and you are getting chance to targeted based audience. Let us understand how you can marketing as per few reports

  • Around 3.2 billion peoples are using Internet and
  • 2.1 billion peoples are using a smartphone. It's an estimation that till 2020 there will be 3 billion smartphone users.
  • There are around 108 million peoples are using Android Smartphones.
  • Around 100 million peoples are using iPhone smartphone.

Let’s understand users in Social Networks

  • In Middle East - 86% internet users are on Social Networking sites
  • In Latin America- 82%
  • In Africa- 76%
  • In U.S- 71%
  • In Asia/Pacific- 66%
  • In Europe- 65%

Once again the graph of internet access world wide has been tremendous increment with around 76% of internet users across 40 countries are merely participating in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and more
Let’s dig down more inside. The usage of Digital Media Vs Traditional TV advertising
As per the report of e-Marketer projects that first-time digital ads surpass traditional TV ads. According to the report, advertisers will spend 72.09 billion on US Digital advertising by the end of 2016 while on TV it were about 71.29 billion.
Today the course shift more toward digital advertising, we hope in 2017 it will create an havoc. The time has come to we to change our traditional business online. We believe that in future majority of the market share would lean toward Digital Marketing rather that old fashioned way.
Let us understand the what happens if you turn your boat towards Digital Marketing

  • It connects on Internet
  • Your business will be globally recognized
  • Higher conversion rates
  • It saves more money and give more returns
  • You can track your customers
  • More revenue will be generated
  • Higher will be the Return on Investments
  • Brand Awareness
  • You can keep an eye on your competitors
  • If your reputation is upto the mark, then corporates will be under your pockets.

When you are getting such an advantage, then only a fool can ignore such opportunity.
In the end, Digital Advertising is not only pulling attention from traditional media. It is creating an opportunity for the local marketer to showcase more toward Digital Media. For more consultation contact to Aven Apps Solution Pvt Ltd.

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