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Serial Entrepreneur! Is it risky or Biz-key?

In today's world having multiple businesses is the most vital step for a startup business. Let us understand one important factor on what we many entrepreneurs thinks about it.
Let us start with an example.
A company name Aven Apps Technologies Pvt Ltd has started a company in the field of Software development. The expert team uses to create the software to their client. The business development team approaches their client. They pitch a proposal and budget to their client. If the client agrees to their terms and condition then, they start developing their software. By this, we came to know that it's an Outsourcing Software Development Company.
As Aven got a step in developing software, luckily they also had an opportunity in developing the web application. Aven Apps people. As the company went into the field of web and application development, the need for the client increase. The client needs that company to do Digital Marketing of their website as well as other software also. Thus Aven Apps also increase their domain towards Internet Marketing.
Now Aven Apps company is completely into IT based outsourcing company and services like

  • Software Development,
  • Website Design and Development,
  • Digital Marketing
  • Remote database and more

One who has companies and running successfully, then it's known as Serial Entrepreneur.
Benefits for starting multiple business or firm

  • Life will never be boring
  • Financial Security
  • It will make you stay fresh all the time
  • It create valuable network in same or different domain
  • Your fame will grow
  • Your capability will increase

Cautions for Serial Entrepreneur:

  • Start another business, only if your first business is running successfully
  • As per personal experience get your co-founder, who has deep knowledge in you other business and can effectively run the business It's the risk factor if your start a new business, so research more on it.
  • We came to know that starting up Niche business has the more advantage and revenue recurring chance, rather that broaden products.
  • So what an entrepreneur do, do it very carefully, with a mentor and with the fully integrated confidence to make your business to reach at sky.

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