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Why choose a Web Designing Agency against a freelance web designer?

A startup is an most important stepping stone for every entrepreneur because he/she is venturing a firm with few of his colleagues, friends or family member and every entrepreneur always look forward to expand his/her business to the top notch interface. Every entrepreneur thinks to choose the best and affordable way during his startup career.
Outsourcing your contract to Website Development Agency or Freelancer have their own merits & demerits, before that let us go thorough understanding of Web Designing company and Individual Freelancer.
IT Design and Development Company:
These are the organization or group of skilled, talented & experienced tech guys, who’s responsible is to developing an web or software application for the company. They are given the task to complete it within the particular timeline. These entity is legally established under the law and their sole purpose is to give satisfaction to their client with their services.
Individual Freelancer: These are an individual person or expert, who is self employed. These individual person is specialize in only a 1-2 field or programming language and they cracked the projects through many marketplaces, but not good for handheld enterprise project. They are given a projects like logo designing, small website design, content writing and more.
There are many good points that has to be mentions, since this will not only give relevant information but also it will give a glimpse to many startup founder to take the first step with appropriate decision.

  • The website design & development company always look toward befitting architecture.
  • There are few risks of delay.
  • Convenient and latest technology for better enhancement of the website.
  • Fast development, due to multiple, experience developer would be working on that project.
  • Specialized developers work on each and every module
  • Fascinating design as per customer perspective.
  • Website Development Agency delivers the work in time along with accuracy because they have their fame to protect.
  • Even though cost will be bit higher, but output of your project will be much more better that your expectation.

Now let’s talk about freelancers web designers.

  • Only one person, would be working in your project.
  • The idea and methodology of execution would not appropriate
  • They have proficiency only on 1 or 2 programming language but Agency uses multiple language for better performance.
  • Delay in execution of project.
  • No proper architecture.
  • Limited resources for testing
  • Lacking in innovation & creativity

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